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How It Works

5 Tasty & Original Recipes Each Week

We make sure they’re creative, delicious and easy to make. You choose the ones that make your mouth water, and then we get to work. There’s no commitment, so order as many as you’d like, when you’d like.

Ingredients Are Prepped & Measured

You’re ready to go when it’s time to cook. The onions are diced. The spices are measured. Everything is clearly labeled, and packaged for freshness.

Delivered to Your Door

We arrive on Mondays with everything packed in a special cooler box, so you don’t even have to be there to receive it. Just put everything into the refrigerator until you’re ready. It’ll all stay fresh for a week.

The Fun Part – The Cooking

The step-by-step instructions make it easy to novices and experienced cooks alike to cook up a masterpiece. If you get stuck, you can even call our dinner hotline for tips. Now get ready to feast. You just made a delicious meals from scratch with no hassle. That’s the magic of Meez.

Quick Calculator

The more you order, the value just gets better.

Wow, This Costs Less

Ever add up how much you spend on takeout each week?

Or how about buying all those spices and specialty ingredients you need for a new recipe?

Or on food that you buy and let sit in the fridge because you just didn’t feel like cooking?

Kind of scary, right?

Meez Meals is the smart choice. No more emergency-I-don’t-feel-like-cooking takeout. No more loading up your pantry. No more wasted food. We bet it costs less than what you’re spending now.

Why Hasn’t Anyone Thought Of This Before?

Aren't you happy we did?

Just a few of the reasons why Meez is smart, healthy & fun:

Super Easy

Meals that come together with ease while you’re helping the kids with their homework, juggling phone calls and generally multi-tasking up a storm.

Better Than Takeout

Faster, fresher and less expensive than takeout. (And boy that’s an understatement.) No Meez isn’t too good to be true.

Smart Eating

With fresh ingredients, tasty menus and new recipes each week, Meez makes it easy to kick start a healthy diet.

New Flavors Without a New Pantry

It’s fun experimenting with new flavors, but hunting down ingredients like pomegranate molasses, tamarind, spice blends and sriracha can be time consuming – and expensive. Meez takes you on a culinary adventure. No new pantry required.

Flexible & No Strings

Choose the number of meals that are right for you. Most members say 3 is about right, but you can pick 5 one week and 2 the next. There’s no commitment, so order when you will be home and skip the weeks when you won’t.