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Meghan, Old Town

"The ingredients are all extremely fresh and delicious. Meez Meals makes it so much easier to cook great weekday meals."

Jenny, Avondale

"We've loved everything about Meez Meals so far! Everything has been so delicious, easy to follow and best of all.....fast and easy clean-up!!"

Erin, Beverly

"I have ADORED Meez Meals. From the awesome concept to the fantastic product quality to the customer service, I am ridiculously impressed."

Ozan, River North

"I love your dinners – I’ve never cooked before (I don’t think microwavable pizzas count), but the instructions for your dinners are easy to follow and the result is just delicious. I actually enjoy cooking now, which is quite a surprise for me."

Megan, Evanston

"My husband and I both work, and having Meez lets me feel like I can sit down for a decent meal with our 3 kids without spending too much of the short time I have between when I get home and when the kids go to bed cooking."

Lauren, Humboldt Park

"We used to stress about what to eat and the shopping and the time. Now we just come home and cook and we eat!"

Kathleen, Logan Square

"I'm seriously impressed! Finally, cooking is what I always imagined it should be... kinda zen and relaxing. I can just zone out and end up with a delicious, memorable meal. Brilliant."

Juleigh, West Rogers Park

"Tried our first Meez Meal last night and it fit the bill PERFECTLY! I walked in the door and had a delicious meal ready to eat in about 13 minutes! Loved it. Thank you so much!"

Tricia, Wilmette

"We were struggling with how to pull together weeknight family dinners for the five of us without spending an inordinate amount of time or money. With Meez, we can easily have an interesting veggie main dish!"

Paula, Northbrook

"I am really enjoying the meals and -- a surprise to me - the process of cooking!"

Nina, Bloomingdale

"The food is delicious and it's so easy to throw together after working a full day. What a great service for busy lives... especially working moms!"

Cathryn, Wrigleyville

"Thanks in great part to you my daughter (11 months) is a great eater. She loves veggies and eats things that many kids won't eat. You make healthy cooking easy. Thanks!"

Leah, Roger’s Park

"We are having a great time with our Meez Meals! It’s helping keep us in healthy meals while juggling the needs of a new baby. I am so grateful to have found you!"

Linda, River North

"We love what Meez is doing and are becoming quite attached to vegetarian cooking!"

Jen, West Loop

"It's been super easy and delicious. And a great way for me to try new veggies or veggies I don't eat all that much!"

Raina, Norwood Park

"Meez is even influencing the other meals we cook. You are helping us become a healthier household! How great is that?"

Rachel, Buena Park

"I am so grateful Meez making cooking at home so much easier and more frequent!"

Sara, Lincoln Square

"Meez has changed my life! A friend came over for dinner and on the spur of the moment we decided to make risotto from things in my pantry, something I never would have done before. Thank you Meez for making me more confident in the kitchen!."

Janet, Glenview

"I am a working mom with 3 kids so Meez really works for me. It’s a great time saver and I'm eating food I would have never tried before like brussels sprouts… and they are good!"

Turiya, Bucktown

"I am loving it! My husband and I can both make the meals, and I am so happy to be getting seasonal, healthy dinners."


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reviews Michigan Avenue

"Meez flawlessly accomplishes what Moore set out to do: put the fun back into cooking, even in the winter and even after a long day."

reviews ABC 7’s Hungry Hound

"If you love to cook, but don't have a lot of time, or energy, to plan menus, shop, chop and prep, then Meez Meals just might be for you."

reviews You & Me This Morning

"Meez Meals shows just how easy it can be to prepare a delicious meal for the whole family in minutes."

reviews Chicago Bites

"Gone are the days when “quick and easy dinner” means Hot Pockets. With Meez you really can have 30 minute meals. Take that, Rachel Ray."

reviews Screaming Artichoke

"If you’re in the area that Meez serves, it’s a no-brainer."

reviews Urban Daddy

"Think of this like Peapod’s grocery delivery service taken up the next logical step on the convenience ladder..."

reviews Pure Wow

“Meez Meals makes dinner quick & easy”

reviews Chicagoist

“When we look at our calendars and see a busy week coming up, Meez is going to be on our speed dial.”

reviews Daily Candy

“Battle microwave dinners and takeout, cooking the easy-to-follow vegetarian recipes — all by yourself.”

reviews Chicago Food Snob

“If you want to eat healthier, spend less on going out, and support a local business - try Meez Meals you'll be impressed, I know I was.”

reviews OakPark.Com

“Having someone else do your mise en place is a huge plus.”