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Give The Gift of Home Cooking

Giving Meez is about so much more than delicious food. It’s about the joy of home cooking.

Something special happens when you cook a meal from scratch. Life, however, seems to get in the way. When you give Meez, you’re taking some of the stresses of everyday life away and giving some magic back in its place. kid

You can purchase a Meez Meals e-Gift Card in any denomination at all. Entrees are $9-15 per serving and small meals, salads, and sides are $7-11. We have no meal plans or subscriptions or commitments of any kind, you just order the meals you want for the week by Friday at noon and they are delivered the immediately following Monday or Tuesday.

Once you enter the gift card amount and your payment Information, we will send you a PDF via email that you can email or print as you see fit. It's that easy!


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    They’ll Love It

    A Newlywed Jump Start What's a couple to do with all those new pots, pans and dishes? Get into the kitchen, of course! Meez helps them get started right.

    Stress Relief For New Parents A new baby turns life upside down, but mom and dad still crave home cooking. With Meez, they can fuel themselves for those sleepless nights with home-cooked meals that are quick and delicious.

    Irresistible Healthy Eating With fresh ingredients, tasty menus and new recipes each week, Meez makes it easy to kick-start a healthy diet.

    Taming a Busy Life Faster, fresher and less expensive than takeout, and all delivered to your door. No, Meez isn’t too good to be true.

    Creating Quality Time When dinner is easy, everything else just falls into place. Families talk more. Kids try new things. And life is just a little bit more magical.

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    "I cannot get over how much fun this week has been with Meez! It was delightful to come home from work on Monday and be eating within a half hour of getting home. It was amazing!"
    Caroline, Lakeview